Corporate identity

A corporate identity or corporate image is the manner in which a corporation, firm or business enterprise presents itself to the public (such as customers and investors as well as employees). The corporate identity is typically visualized by branding and with the use of trademarks, but it can also include things like product design, advertising, public relations etc. Corporate identity is a primary goal of the corporate communications, in order to maintain and build the identity to accord with and facilitate the corporate business objectives.
In general, this amounts to a corporate title, logo (logotype and/or logogram) and supporting devices commonly assembled within a set of corporate guidelines. These guidelines govern how the identity is applied and usually include approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts, fonts, and others.

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Corporate identity

Our corporate branding service offers comprehensive solutions to help you create and maintain a strong, unified brand identity. We start by understanding your brand and its goals, so we can create a unique, memorable and effective branding strategy. Our team of experts will then develop a comprehensive suite of materials, including logo design, website design, promotional materials and more. We also offer ongoing support to ensure that your brand maintains its presence in the digital space. With our corporate branding service, you can establish your business as a trusted and respected brand.